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The Best Vegan Food

I created a fun amazon shopping list for you with all of my vegan favs. You will see that there are plenty of yummy plant-based options to choose from so you can enjoy trying new foods during your 30-Day Vegan Challenge!

Plant-Based Lifestyle

Here's some cute clothing and cookware to promote your new plant-based lifestyle! Or gift to a friend to help motivate them to try a 30-Day Vegan Challenge with you:)

Coconuts for Causes

This is where I got my coconut bowl that you see in some of my recipe photos:) If you purchase any of their coconuts for causes like the one shown below, they donate 10% to charities that support environmental initiatives. And you can use my coupon code VEGINNER-10 for a discount at checkout.


Cruelty Free Makeup

For cruelty-free vegan makeup, this is the company I recommend. Their nude shades shown below are my absolute favorite, one of which was voted by Allure as Best of Beauty Winner in 2019. They are currently donating 10% of all sales to


Cruelty Free Perfume

I love this vegan brand because their packaging is eco-conscious, they use green manufacturing practices, their fragrances are infused with responsibly sourced sustainable ingredients, and they never test on animals.


Green Cookware

Unlike traditional non-stick pans that release toxins when overheated, Green Pan created a safe alternative ceramic coating called Thermolon. Their pans are loved all around the world.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links meaning at no cost to you, as an Amazon Associate I will earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This is one way you can help support this site so I can keep all of my content free and focus my time on helping people go vegan. I only recommend products that I personally use and that I believe will benefit my viewers. xoxo
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