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Vegan Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream 🍨

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

This ice cream is sooooo creamy and delish you will be shocked it's vegan! I think I said OMG during every single bite, haha! The unique flavor combination is out of this world!!! And did I mention it's healthy;) Watch us make this recipe live at our Free Plant-Based Cooking Class!

What you need:


Try it yourself:

In my robot chef or a very good blender add cardamom, pistachios, cashews and monkfruit then grind 10 sec. Add 15 oz non-dairy milk and blend 15 sec. Add remaining 20 oz of non-dairy milk, vanilla bean paste and pure maple syrup, then heat 10 min/185°F. Transfer mixture into ice cube trays and freeze for a minimum of 12 hours. Place half of the frozen cubes into my robot chef or a very good blender and grind 1 min. (Insert butterfly whisk and whip 30 sec until smooth and creamy.) Transfer ice cream to bowls, garnish with toppings of choice and serve immediately. Use the remaining cubes the next time someone screams for ice cream;) Half of the cubes serves approx. 3 people.

Made w/❤️

Thanks to my robot chef for this awesome recipe, schedule a free demo here. If you try this recipe, like, comment, or post a photo below. 💚 We love hearing your feedback and seeing your photos:) 📸Tag us on social @VeginnerCooking and we will repost!

Looking forward to chatting with you at our next live cook-along! Invite anyone who wants to eat healthier or learn some delicious plant-based meals.👩‍🍳 To get a reminder before we go live, RSVP here. I give away a free pair of "Inspiration Earrings" ✨ at every class!

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