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It's not easy transitioning to a plant-based diet, but it is easy to try it for 30 days. Our goal is to make it as fun and delicious as possible. You are not giving up the foods you love, but rather switching to the kinder alternatives. Our free mobile app will help guide you every step of the way! Know that it's okay to make your own rules. So after the 30-Day Challenge should you decide to adapt a mostly plant-based lifestyle instead of becoming vegan, you will still be helping your body, the animals, and the planet! Just do the best that you can! Please review our resources and then once you are ready, click start challenge!

films to watch
before or during your Challenge

These are the best Netflix films we thoroughly enjoyed:

"What the Health" - "The Game Changers"  - "Cowspiracy" - "Explained Season 2 Ep.8 The Future of Meat"

We prefer these films because they focus on the benefits of a plant-based diet and not on animal cruelty, which can be hard to watch. They provide so much valuable information that your family/friends will enjoy watching them too even if they are not doing the challenge with you... yet.😉

There's a fun meal delivery kit that I love called Hungryroot which offers a lot of delicious vegan options. You can use the discount code 9NETQK to get $50 off your first box. It's a great way to jump start your vegan challenge because their meals are easy to make, and very tasty. They even have vegan treats like cookie dough and brownies! You can cancel at any time, so you could just try it once to help simplify your first week of the vegan challenge.

Get Familiar with Vegan Alternatives

Top Vegan Brands

Swipe to discover some of our favorite vegan brands to look for during your next shopping trip. There are more options than you think! Try them out and pick your favs :) Then check out some of our recommended recipes.

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