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Brand Partnerships

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~ About ~

Cheryl Martinez is a Digital Creator & Blogger from New York. She's built an ever-growing community in the plant-based category inspiring others to adapt a kinder, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Cheryl works closely with her brand partners to develop an ongoing strategy for the highest ROI. She specializes in high quality video ad creation and Influencer Whitelisting. Cheryl has built a loyal USA audience who trust and value her recommendations. She resonates strongly with females 25-34 who love to make their own purchasing decisions, but generally her audience ranges from 18-44. Their top interests include food & grocery, healthy lifestyle, cruelty free beauty, sustainable living, fitness and yoga. Veginner Cooking is a community of compassionate animal lovers from around the world... here to mentor, motivate, and empower others to live their best life through a plant-forward lifestyle. We offer free resources, recipes, cooking classes and more! Together, we can change the world!

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