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Can you Freeze Mint? ๐Ÿƒ

Absolutely! You might be surprised, but mint, a fantastic herb that adds a fresh zing to your drinks and promotes good health, can indeed be frozen. Read on for a fun and simple process of freezing mint that not only enriches your dishes but also contributes to a waste-free lifestyle.

Can you freeze mint?

Veginners, did you know... Mint is not just a popular herb that adds a refreshing flavor to your drinks and dishes, it's also packed with numerous health benefits. It has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties.

Packed with antioxidants, mint can help soothe digestive issues, relieve headaches, and even improve mental focus. Its cooling sensation can also help alleviate symptoms of colds and respiratory issues. By freezing mint, you can have these benefits readily available at your fingertips!

Embrace the No-Waste Lifestyle

If you've ever grown mint in your garden or bought a bunch from the market, you'll know that it can be quite prolific. It's so easy to end up with more mint than you know what to do with! Freezing is an excellent way to preserve the freshness of your mint, make the most of its health benefits, and promote a no-waste lifestyle. It's a sustainable practice that reduces waste and makes the most of your resources, aligning perfectly with the principles of mindful living.

Can you Freeze Mint? Here's how!

Freezing mint is simple! You can easily create mint cubes using an ice cube tray and water. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Carefully rinse your fresh mint leaves under cool water.

  2. Pat them dry gently with a clean kitchen towel.

  3. Place a few leaves in each compartment of your ice cube tray.

  4. Fill the compartments with water, ensuring the mint leaves are fully submerged.

  5. Pop the tray into your freezer and wait for the magic to happen!

Ensure the mint leaves are completely submerged in the water to keep the color vibrant.

Mint infused water

Endless Possibilities with Mint Cubes

With your freezer stocked with mint cubes, you have a world of opportunities.

Add them to smoothies, juice, and mocktails/cocktails for a refreshing twist, or create delicious infused water. I also love adding a cube to my hot tea after a meal to help aid digestion.

For other culinary uses, let a cube melt in a sieve and strain out the water, leaving you with fresh mint for your favorite recipes!

If you found this tip helpful, share it with your friends and family. It's not just a fun food hack, it's a step towards a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable world. Love, Cheryl

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