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Animal Lover at Heart

"It’s about helping people, helping animals, and helping the planet." - Cheryl Martinez

My entire life I wanted to help save animals. I contributed to and raised money for various sanctuaries, but my impact was small considering how many animals are suffering every day. When I came up with the idea for Veginner Cooking, my heart was filled with joy! I knew this was how I could save countless animals while also helping people adapt happier, healthier lifestyles. Every day I inspire more people to transform their lives, and guide them along their personal journey. This is my mission... to spread plant-based love around the world so we can save more animals together.

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About Cheryl

Cheryl's passion for animal welfare has been a driving force throughout her life. She's contributed to and raised money for various sanctuaries, but always wanted to do more. Coming from a Puerto Rican family in New York that loves to eat meat, her plant-forward journey was not easy.


In 2012, Cheryl began her journey in India, then after 8 years as a Vegetarian she finally went 100% Plant-Based. Cheryl did not have a support system like Veginner Cooking to make her transition process easier, and there was her inspiration. In 2020, Cheryl founded Veginner Cooking knowing this was how she could make a bigger impact saving countless animals, while helping people at the same time.


Every day she inspires more people to transform their lives, while guiding them on their personal wellness journey. This is her mission... to inspire health and compassion around the world. She invites you to join her Community as a Veginner or Mentor so we can save more animals together. ♥