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Save The Cows Limited Edition Gift Set

Save The Cows Limited Edition Gift Set


Moo-ve over, the Cow Lovers Gift Set is here! 🐄🎁 Each piece in this set inspires a moo-re compassionate lifestyle.  The ultimate collection for cow enthusiasts!  This lovingly curated limited edition set is complete with my favorite cow-themed accesories that not only warms the heart but also supports animal sanctuaries. Your purchase contributes to spreading compassion for these gentle creatures. You’ll find cozy cow-print socks, enchanting earrings nestled in a velvety pouch, a stainless steel spoon, and more, all tucked into a fabulous faux-cowhide case. As a special surprise, you'll also receive 15 adorable Cow Stickers! Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, and a beautiful way to champion the welfare of cows everywhere. 💝🐮 With only a few of these udder-ly unique sets available, they’re as special as a four-leaf clover in a pasture. Get yours now and be part of the exclusive herd before this set trots off into the sunset!


Included in this Gift Set: 
🐮 Rhinestone Cow Car Coasters
🐮 Plush Fuzzy Cow Socks 
🐮 Udderly Cute Cow Earrings
🐮 Faux-Cowhide Cosmetic Bag
🐮 Stainless Steel Cow Coffee Spoon 
🐮 BONUS: 15 Adorable Cow Stickers!


*Limited Edition: Curated with my personal favorites, these sets are constantly refreshed with unique finds to make each one extra special. So, get your hands on this limited bounty before it’s pasture bedtime!

Only 3 left in stock

25% Net Profits Donated to Animal Sanctuaries ♥ Free shipping over $75

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