Meet My

Robot Chef

Thermomix TM6
Smart Cooking WiFi Enabled Sous Chef
Want a helping hand in the kitchen? I found out about the Thermomix® from a friend in Austria. It is very popular around the world (over 10 million sold in 60 countries) but fairly new to the U.S. You can quote me when I say it's only a matter of time before every household has one of these in their kitchen! With over 50,000 fully guided recipes via touchscreen (including vegan and every dietary preference) it takes all the guess work out of cooking. I feel like a pro chef just pressing buttons! I used to order delivery all the time before meeting my robot. It feels so amazing sharing something that can change people's lives. I am happy to give you a personal demo on zoom so you can see how it works and ask any questions. I also have promo codes:)
What does it do?
Welcome to the future of cooking where you can prepare up to 4 things at once with multi-level cooking! It's an energy efficient dream appliance that will replace practically everything in your kitchen, including your stove! It effortlessly cooks, steams, sautés, chops, blends, froths, whips, whisks, minces, grinds, purees, grates, mills, & weighs! Some of the special modes include kneading dough, fermentation, thicken, kettle, rice cooker, sous-vide, turbo, slow cooking, and self-cleaning! Hooray to no more washing pots & pans;)
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What do you get?
You get restaurant quality, healthy and delicious gourmet meals with minimal time and effort. You will save money because you will enjoy cooking at home more often. You will explore creative cooking with ease, and feel amazing putting fresh and clean ingredients in your body. No experience is needed, and did I mention it cleans itself! The only problem is all your friends will want to keep coming over to eat!
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My Story
I got my Thermomix® shortly after I decided to go vegan. Adapting a plant-based diet isn't easy if you're not cooking for yourself. I have endless recipe choices and never get bored of what I'm eating. It allowed me to get super creative in the kitchen without sacrificing yumminess or variety, which is so helpful when trying to eat healthier. I owe a lot of the reasons why I am still vegan today to my TM6 robot, and I will be forever grateful. This is why I so passionately want to share it with others:) My robot is so cool I gave him his own IG @MyRobotChef
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How to Earn Your Thermomix®
Once you have a Thermomix®, if you love it as much as I do, I am happy to help you become a consultant like me! This way your TM6 can easily pay for itself! I will add you to our awesome team so we can support your journey to homemade happiness, and answer any questions you may have along the way.
Click here to fill out the Thermomix® consultant application. Cheryl Martinez - ID#113618
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