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Certified Nutritionist & Yogi

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About Allisun

Allisun's decision to eat more plants was initially inspired through her love of all living creatures, however, through the years, she has developed a personal love of health and wellbeing. Naturally, discovering that living a plant-forward lifestyle promotes longevity and vitality in one’s life, and when performed holistically true transformation can develop.

Allisun completed her Holistic Nutritionist Certification and Yoga Certification in 2022. She organizes her heath and wellness programs on optimizing the mind, body, and spirit, through the essence of nutrition, meditation, and movement. She specializes in the prevention and care of chronic diseases including America’s Top 5: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and brain diseases.


You can book a private wellness session with Allisun below, or join her free yoga classes. Allisun believes healing happens within, and that anyone, when given the correct tools and guidance, can heal themselves.

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